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Below are direct links to our many exciting pages, we hope you enjoy! More photos, video and sales items are
on the way, so check back with us soon!

Each of these images link to an update such as the fire agate knife complete with base meticulously constructed from fire agate, silver, gold, and black jade.

In the other updates we revealed the fire agate dragon bolo tie conceptualized by Ryszard Jr, and constructed by Ryszard Krukowski Sr. The scales are a mosaic of fire agate, and the central stone can be rotated.

Also new to the site is our Galapagos Island themed carvings. Please enjoy!

Ryszard Krukowski Jr

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  Fire Agate Art Studio specializes in the cutting of Fire Agate.We make custom jewelry and have a large inventory of Fire Agate rough for sale from Slaughter Mountain, Mexico and Deer Creek locations. Hope you enjoy our work and website!